MB Capital Management

We achieve what others consider impossible

We invest in a team of
unique and exceptional people

To achieve consistently growing investments we bring together a team of extraordinary colleagues. Driven by passion and the conviction to move faster we realize strong ideas and put them into practice.

We believe that with adequate motivation and the strive to change the future of investing, we will stand out from others. We bring together the brightest minds across every field to achieve what others consider impossible. Our target is to create sustainable values for our children and the society of tomorrow while generating reliable returns.

Mario Baumgärtner ABOUT US

It's About The People

The secret to our success is no mystery - It's our people. What unites us, is our passion to solve problems that others can't. Together with people of different origins, our team creates solutions for tomorrow and redefines the way of investing.

We bring together the brightest minds across mathematics, engineering, finance and beyond. With a focus on increasing access and opportunity so that people can pursue their dreams and realize their fullest potential, we act sagacious in moments of great consequence to take on even the most difficult challenges.

We are engaged in a tireless effort to develop a fundamental and systematic understanding of how the world's markets and economies work. That understanding is translated into investment and economic insights. Powering this engine requires a diverse community of investment professionals, engineers, mathematicians and other specialists. The firm attracts independent thinkers who share a commitment to achieving excellence in their respective lines of work and operating in our unique culture of radical transparency and idea meritocracy. We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our global community. From undergraduates to experienced professionals, we look for individuals who are intellectually curious, passionate and share our mission and principles.

Our Latest Investment

ACC Trading

In the year of 2021, we invested in our subsidiary company, ACC Trading GmbH. With the focus of developing an AI that oversees the global financial markets, ACC Trading is a promising company that suits our goals for investing in the tech sector. The main goal of the company is to find the best possible investment opportunities while minimizing risks.